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Layered Magwheel

Primary Functions:

  1. Magnetic acceleration/drive
  2. Regenerative magnetic braking
  3. Solid-state transmission (No moving parts)


  • Magnetic vehicle technology for the 21st century
  • High performance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Silent and clean operation
  • Economical to manufacture
  • Recyclable
  • Flexible – Hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell, pure electric
  • Solid R&D plan in place
  • Patent pending

The Layered MagWheel provides powerful and efficient magnetic acceleration and frictionless regenerative magnetic braking for vehicles. The technology will work on gas-electric hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Each Layered MagWheel is built directly inside of the wheels of any vehicle to act as the braking system, the drive motor and solid-state transmission in one package. For a typical vehicle utilizing an internal combustion engine, less than 20% of the energy content burned in the fuel reaches the wheels and propels the vehicle. The Layered MagWheel concept will convert upwards of 90% of the energy passing into it directly into motion. The Layered MagWheel also allows a significantly higher percentage of braking energy to be recaptured compared to current hybrid vehicles. Together, these properties allow the Layered MagWheel to both improve energy efficiency and combat climate change by significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The concept was specifically designed to be economical to produce on a large scale for the automobile industry. The core component in each Layered MagWheel, the induction disk layer, is manufactured through a process called photolithography, in a manner similar to products in the computer industry. This process can be completely automated and requires few human attendants, keeping labor costs low. Since all components of the design are layered, assembly of the induction disk layers and other components of the design are also simple and economical. With the Layered MagWheel, drivers need not sacrifice performance for gains in energy efficiency. This concept allows increases in performance, efficiency, and safety.

Inventor David Gonzales II was awarded the ConocoPhillips Energy Prize in 2008 for the Layered MagWheel. The national $125,000 energy prize was awarded for the top technology with the potential to significantly increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.